What you needed to do?

It is so easy to do, just get the items below
Bar Code Scanner

Bar Code Reader

Just grab a bar code reader from your local tech store.

Using the included manual, just set it to continuous reading and add a carriage return as the suffix your just add it to your order by clicking the button below.

POS Printer

A POS printer is required to use this system. Just get your printer and proceed with the setup process and it will work immediately.

It is really important to use the vendor provided drivers in order to have this system work smoothly.

Windows Computer

If you already have a computer, you could already use that as your points registration or rewards redemption machine.

But if you need a computer, just click the button below and get a Meego lite computer, just provide your Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse and you are ready to go.

System Software

Recording Software

Once subscribed, you can download a software that is appropriate to your business.

Our subscription allows you premium access to everything and you only pay for the subscription of each terminal or computer